Volume 20-2

Year 2015 


  1. The Westinghouse AP1000® Passive, Proven Technology to Meet European Energy Demands – Dr. Norbert Haspel
  2. International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles: introduction and education and training activity – Fesenko G., Kuznetsov V., Phillips J.R., Rho K., Grigoriev A., Korinny A., Ponomarev
  3. EU Clearinghouse Activities on Operating Experience Feedback – A. Ballesteros, M. Peinador, M. Heitsch
  4. Regulatory challenges for nuclear energy in liberalized electricity markets – Atanas Georgiev
  5. Express Method of Nuclear Safety Analysis for WWER – V.I. Skalozubov, I.E. Kozlov, S.I. Kosenko, V.N. Kolykhanov
  6. Challenges to the Design of Containment Filtered Venting Systems at NPP, E. Lukanov, A. Wolski, E. Kostov, V. Papazov
  7. Study of VVER-1000 behaviour during LBLOCA with ID 850 mm Combined with Station Blackout using computer code MELCOR 2.1 – P. Vryashkova, M. Andreeva, P. Groudev
  8. Study of Accident in VVER-1000 with Total Blackout, Primary LOCA and Options for Safety System Pumps Recovery, S.T. Mladenova
  9. Neutronic Comparison of Proposed Claddings for Accident Tolerant Fuel with Zirconium Based Cladding in PWRs – S. Şentürk Lüle1, Ü. Çolak
  10. Plutonium-containing Civilian Materials’ Attractiveness Analysis Using the ‘Figure of Merit’ Methodology – Ivaylo Naydenov, Kalin Filipov
  11. Synthetic Zeolitic Ion-Exchangers from Coal Ash for Decontamination of Nuclear Wastewaters, D. Zgureva, S. Boycheva
  12. Molecular design of calix[4]arene derivatives for uranyl ion extraction from aqueous media – Dilek Yüksel
  13. Simplified model of VVER – 1000 thermal hydraulic process – G.G. Gerova
  14. Comparative analysis of nodalization effects and their influence on the results of ATHLET calculations of VVER-1000 coolant transient benchmark phase 1 – Yoto Georgiev, Kalin Filipov
  15. Women in Nuclear Energy – Motivation and Prospects at Kozloduy NPP Report, R. Radneva