Volume 25

Year 2021

  1. 93mNb Activation Cross Section Libraries Investigation – M. Mitev, D. Dimitrov, M. Manolova
  2. Conditions for Prevention of Water Hammers at Start-Up of Emergency Feed-Pumps with a Steam-Driver of Nuclear Power Plants – V. Skalozubov, D. Pirkovskiy, N. Bilous, I. Kozlov, V. Kolyhanov, O. Sedova
  3. Determination of the LB LOCA Ranges in the Containment for the Purposes of PSA Level 1 for KNPP – E. Borisov, B. Marinova
  4. Evaluation of the Neutron Flux Distribution in Two-Zone Reactor – V. Kolykhanov, I. Kozlov, D. Polehenkyi, H. Kulyk
  5. DEC (Design Extension Conditions) Analyses in Kozloduy NPP – Krasen Rashkov