Volume 25

Year 2021

  1. 93mNb Activation Cross Section Libraries Investigation – M. Mitev, D. Dimitrov, M. Manolova
  2. Conditions for Prevention of Water Hammers at Start-Up of Emergency Feed-Pumps with a Steam-Driver of Nuclear Power Plants – V. Skalozubov, D. Pirkovskiy, N. Bilous, I. Kozlov, V. Kolyhanov, O. Sedova
  3. Determination of the LB LOCA Ranges in the Containment for the Purposes of PSA Level 1 for KNPP – E. Borisov, B. Marinova
  4. Evaluation of the Neutron Flux Distribution in Two-Zone Reactor – V. Kolykhanov, I. Kozlov, D. Polehenkyi, H. Kulyk
  5. DEC (Design Extension Conditions) Analyses in Kozloduy NPP – Krasen Rashkov
  6. Application of the ASTECv2.1.1.6 Severe Accident Computer Code and SUNSET Tool for Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analyses on MCCI VVER1000 Test Case – R. Gencheva, A. Stefanova, P. Petrova, P. Groudev
  7. Aircraft Crash as an External Hazard to a Nuclear Installation (NPP) – Svetlin Filipov, Milko Miloshev
  8. Double Expert Methodology of NPP Power Equipment Inspection to Increase the Exploitation Lifetime – I.A. Aretinskaya, O.A. Chulkin, V.N. Kolykhanov, A.N. Kharabet, O.E. Zoteev, V.O. Zoteev
  9. Determination of Disposal Density of VVER-1200 Spent Fuel Loaded Canisters in Horizontal Geological Disposal – G. Özesme, B. Bulut Acar
  10. Method for Categorization of the Deviations Identified during the Periodic Safety Review (PSR) of Units 5 and 6 at Kozloduy NPP –  E. Kichev
  11. Survey of Public Attitudes and Availability of Radiophobia in Bulgaria in the Context of Development of the Nuclear Energy Sector – V. Valcheva, D. Zgureva
  12. Long Term Electricity Supply System Planning Including Nuclear Power Option – S. Nikolova-Poceva, A. Chaushevski
  13. Radionuclide Content in Black Sea Sediments from Varna Bay at the Northern Bulgarian Coast – Tz. Nonova, K. Slavova, I. Genov, L. Dobrev, V. Doncheva, O. Hristova, B. Dzhurova
  14. Nuclear Physics in the Activity of Vasil Levski National Military University – N. Dolchinkov
  15. Dose calculations of anthropomorphic voxel-based phantom for Americium-241/Beryllium neutron source – B. Sarioğlu, S. Şentürk Lüle , Ü. Çolak