Volume 23-1

Year 2018


  1. Distortion of the Neutron Flux Profile in Reactor Core Induced by Control Rods, V.N. KOLYKHANOV, I.E. KOZLOV, V.I. SKALOZUBOV
  2. Investigation of IVMR Strategy with External Vessel Water Cooling in VVER1000 Reactor Type with ASTECv2.1.1.0 Computer Code, R. GENCHEVA, A. STEFANOVA, P. GROUDEV
  3. Investigation of Hydrogen Behaviour in the Test Facility THAI by Simulation of Severe Accident Conditions in the Containment, V. KRUSTEVA, P. GROUDEV
  4. Risk-Informed Maintenance Optimization for Safety Systems of NPP, V.N. KOLYKHANOV, I.E. KOZLOV
  5. Risk Monitoring in Kozloduy NPP, E. STEFANOV, L. KANDOV, K. FILIPOV
  6. Ex-Vessel Reactor Dosimetry for Units 5 and 6 of Kozloduy NPP – Current Status and Future Prospects, D. DIMITROV
  7. Glasses and Ceramics for High-Level Waste Immobilization: An Overview, S. MITEVA
  8. Human Factor as an Important NPP Safety Factor, B.G. NENKOVA, E.N. TOMOV
  9. New Approach to Estimation of Thermal Broadening of Neutron Resonances, T.P. MADZHARSKI
  10. Change of the Quality of the Material Aspects of the Intrinsic Proliferation Barrier of Reactor-Grade Plutonium Produced in a PWR as a Function of Fuel Type, Cooling Time, and Burn-Up, I. NAYDENOV
  11. Analysis of Main Areas of Interests and Key Indicators as a Base for Comparative Evaluation of Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Energy Options for Small Countries, N. ZAHARIEVA, P. GROUDEV, A. CHAUSHEVSKI, N. POPOV
  12. Evaluation Results from the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training Based Pilot Training Course for Radiation Protection Worker, R. MITEVA, M. ILIEVA, C. PESZNYAK, A. KISS, A. KLEPAKOVA
  13. VVER Technology Knowledge Management through CORONA Academy – Activities Overview, D. DIMITROV, M. MITEV, M. MANOLOVA, L. PIRONKOV, I. TZVETKOV
  14. Kozloduy NPP Units 5&6 Modernization and Plant Life Extension (PLEX) Programs, V. POPOV
  15. Periodic Safety Review as a Key Element in the Process for Lifetime Extension and Relicence of Unit 5 at Kozloduy NPP, E. KICHEV