Volume 24-1

Year 2019

  1. Local Shielding of Target for Production of 18F – Numerical Optimization – A. Demerdjiev, K. Shegunov, G. Asova, D.T. Dimitrov, N. Goutev, D. Tonev
  2. Optimization of the Maintenance Period for WWER Safety Systems with Taking in Account the Maintenance Quality – V.N. Kolykhanov, I.L. Kozlov, K. Sova, D. Koba
  3. Progress of IVMR Investigations in WWER1000 Reactor Type with ASTECv2.1.1.3 Computer Code – R. Gencheva, A. Stefanova, P. Groudev
  4. Halden LOCA Test Simulation by TRANSURANUS Code with Different Thermo-Hydraulic Boundary Conditions – N. Mihaylov, S. Boneva, M. Manolova, M. Mitev
  5. TRANSURANUS Capabilities for Uncertainty Analyses of Fuel Performance – M. Mitev, N. Mihaylov, S. Boneva, M. Manolova
  6. Extension of the TRACE Model for NPP Gösgen for MSLB and MB LOCA – E. Borisov, K. Mancheva, D. Papini, R. Kaulbarsch, J.-U. Klügel
  7. Analysis of the Containment Phenomena, Including Thermal-Hydraulic Processes and Fission Products Behaviour after Inadvertent Withdrawal of the Regulating Control Rod Group During Full-Power Operation – V. Saraeva, N. Rijova
  8. Radiological Analysis of Spent Fuel Transportation Container – A. Yordanov
  9. Modeling and Analysis of Portable Diesel-Pump Mitigation Strategy Implemented as a Post-Fukushima Safety Measure – B. Kuzmanov
  10. Challenges for Introducing Nuclear Energy Program in Small Embarking Country – A. Causevski, S. Nikolova-Poceva, N. Popov, P. Groudev, N. Zaharieva
  11. Innovative Approaches for Nuclear Knowledge Transition within the European Union – M. Krusteva
  12. Specific Aspects of the Emergency Arrangements when Establishing ERO – S. Filipov
  13. Extension of the Lifetime of the Existing NPPs – M. Manolov