Volume 26

Year 2022-2023

  1. The Reliability Estimation of the Turbine Lubricating Oil System for VVER-1000 Unit – V. Kolyhanov, I. Kozlov, K. Murenko
  2. Use of High-Temperature Nuclear Reactors in Non-Electrical Technologies – V.O. Dubkovsky, E.O. Dobronos, V.O. Segeda
  3. Lessons from the Chernobyl Accident for the Modern Nuclear Power Industry Environmental Safety – V. Skalozubov, I. Kozlov, H. Hayo, O. Kozlov, D. Bundev
  4. Strategy for the Reliable Power Supply Development Taking into Account the Renewable Energy Sources – I. Kozlov, M.O. Holovin, S.V. Vistiak, O.I. Kozlov
  5. Interpretation of the Natural Hazards Parameters for the Purpose of the PSA – L. Raycheva, G. Varbanov
  6. Assessment of the Leakages from Primary to Secondary Side for Different Number of Tube Ruptures in the Steam Generator – V. Georgiev, P. Vryashkova, P. Groudev
  7. Prolongation of the Terms for Irradiation of Assemblies with SS in a Reactor of the VVER-1000 (B-320) Type – L.N. Nedelchev
  8. Application of RVT for Generation of Floor Response Spectra for the PSA Elaboration – L. Raycheva, G. Varbanov
  9. Use of PSA Methods to Evaluate Technical Decisions Performed on Unit 5 and 6 on the Kozloduy NPP – S. Miteva, B. Marinova
  10. Coupling of Computational Fluid Dynamics Codes with Structural Mechanics and System Thermal-Hydraulics Programs and Their Validation on Nuclear Reactor Relevant Experiments – A. Papukchiev
  11. Assessment of the Radiation Fields Induced by TR-24 Cyclotron Beam Losses – G. Dimitrova, A. Demerdjiev, D. Tonev
  12. Knowledge Management Aspects in Nuclear Energy – G. Dimova
  13. Vision for the Future of Nuclear Energy in Bulgaria by 2053 – B. Markova