Volume 22-1

Year 2017


  1. Quench Analysis Using RELAP/SCDAPSIM/MOD3.5, G. Gerova, C. Allison
  2. Application of ASTEC Computer Code for Validation of SAMG Based on LB LOCA Scenario for VVER 1000, P. Groudev, A. Stefanova, R. Gencheva
  3. Fuel Performance Modelling under LOCA Conditions by TRANSURANUS Code, N. Mihaylov, S. Kalburov, S. Boneva M. Manolova
  4. Improving the Results of QUENCH-16 Experiment by Using New Models of MELCOR 2.1, P. Vryashkova, P. Groudev
  5. Prevention of Early Containment Melt-Through during Severe Accident on WWER-1000, B-320 LightWater Reactor, D. Popov, V. Yurukov
  6. Investigation of an Innovative Material for Neutron Shielding, M. Mitev, D. Dimitrov, Z. Zahariev, A. Naydenov
  7. Calibration of the Alpha-Spectrometry System for Radiological Evaluation of Systems and Equipment Subject to Decommissioning at Units 1-4 of Kozloduy NPP, E. Stoyanova, G. Neshovska, Tz. Nonova
  8. Indoor Radon Measurements in Plovdiv City, M. Cenova, B. Kunovska, K. Ivanova, A. Angelova
  9. Content of Sr-90 and Cs-137 in Sediments and Soils from the Vicinity of the NPP Kozloduy during the Period 2008-2010, R. Kotova, R. Kamenova-Totzeva, V. Badulin
  10. Rn Intensity Variation in the Vicinity of Moussala BEO, Moussala Peak, I. Penev, C. Angelov, S. Georgiev, N. Arhangelova
  11. Comparison of Innovative and Evolutionary NPPs in a Country-Specific Context for Bulgaria (Based on IAEA INPRO KIND – ET Methodology), P.P. Groudev, N.N. Zaharieva, C.A. Margeanu, M. Constantin
  12. Scoping and Screening of Systems&Components and Plant Programs Relevant to Long Term Operation of Kozloduy NPP Units 5&6, V. Popov
  13. Possibilities for High Level Waste Reduction through Transmutation of Minor Actinides, K. Zashev
  14. Factors Influencing the Nuclear Knowledge Loss Risk in Republic of Bulgaria: External Factors Overview, I. Naydenov, K. Filipov, L. Pironkov
  15. The Role of NCRRP in Education and Training on Radiation Protection, N. Chobanova
  16. Evaluation of Existing Exposure around the Sborishte Former Uranium Mining Site (Case Study), B. Kunovska, K. Ivanova, M. Yovcheva, A. Angelova