Modeling and Analysis of Portable Diesel-Pump Mitigation Strategy Implemented as a Post-Fukushima Safety Measure – B. Kuzmanov

In accident situations involving Beyond-Design-Basis External Events (BDBEE) taking place in a nuclear power
station, there is a necessity for an external portable pump equipment to be delivered on site, in order to avoid fuel melting
and to preserve the containment building integrity. It can thus be guaranteed the long-term provision of all the key safety
functions, since systems such as the Auxiliary Feed-water System (AFWS), Spent Fuel Pool System (SFPS) and Containment
Spray System (CSS) may not able to do so. Hence, the current paper is aiming to present the way to model, simulate and
further analyze such a kind of portable diesel-pump system that is capable of providing cooling means in Station Blackout
(SBO) scenarios.

Keywords: station blackout, post-Fukushima, FLEX, portable diesel-pump, auxiliary feedwater system.