Evaluation Results from the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training Based Pilot Training Course for Radiation Protection Worker – R. Miteva, M. Ilieva, C. Pesznyak, A. Kiss, A. Klepakova

This paper presents the process of development of methodology for pilot implementation of European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) for Radiation Protection Worker, the development of ECVET-based training course and the results of the evaluation of the pilot training.

The evaluation of the pilot training was carried out by the assessment of the trainee’s answers for the questionnaires and on the basis of collected feedback from the participants: trainees, lecturers and observers. The evaluation of the results showed that the pilot training fulfils completely the assigned tasks: to test the methodology, which was developed for the implementation of pilot ECVET project and to monitor the effectiveness of the training scheme. Areas of improvement were highlighted with regard to duration of laboratory practices, application of interactive ways of learning and assessment of the individual’s learning outcomes.

The obtained results will be used for the development of the criteria and the procedure for mutual recognition of curricula, courses and training sessions supporting the training. Mutual recognition will support mobility of VVER professionals and nuclear researches based on comparability of acquired knowledge and skills following the ECVET approach.

Keywords: ECVET, NPP, radiation protection, pilot training, VVER.