Nuclear Physics in the Activity of Vasil Levski National Military University – N. Dolchinkov

The training in nuclear physics and related disciplines is embedded in the curricula of cadets and students in the specialties ZNI and ZNBAK. The trainees have the opportunity to get acquainted in person with the activities of Kozloduy NPP and INRNE at BAS. The problem is the outdated material base, but although it is outdated, it is still working. During a visit to JINR Dubna, the possibility of using their electronic systems for conducting laboratory exercises in nuclear physics, similar to the Faculty of Physics at Sofia University, was discussed. We are applying under the NRA program for joint research with JINR, which will give a modern picture of the state of the ecological situation in the Rila-Rhodope massive. In this way it will update and enrich the research done by PU 10 years ago. In parallel, for the fifth year we are holding a scientific forum “Radiation Safety in the Modern World”, and this year we had 38 reports, and all guests presented their reports online. Two of our poster competitions were also on nuclear physics and nuclear energy.

Keywords: JINR Dubna, laboratory exercises, nuclear phisics, poster competitions, research, scientific forum.