Nb-93m Activation Cross Section Libraries Investigation – M. Mitev, D. Dimitrov, M. Manolova

The isotope 93mNb is suitable for a test element in the development of principally new approaches in the radiochemistry.
In order to correctly evaluate the measurements a suitable experimental setup has to be assured through preliminary calculation of the expected induced activity. These calculations also provide ground for evaluation of the results and adjustment of the approaches used during the experiment. In order to correctly perform the calculations, a reliable activation cross section data is necessary. Two editions of the ENDF format International Reactor Dosimetry File (IRDF) nuclear data library are evaluated in this study: IRDF2002, IRDF2014. The activation cross sections for the 93mNb based on these libraries are compared directly and by means of neutronic calculations. The results show that the use of activation cross sections based on IRDF2014 give better agreement with the experimental data and should be used as a base for further evaluation of the 93mNb activation measurements.

Keywords: neutron activation, cross section libraries, numerical modeling, experimental verification.