Human Factor as an Important NPP Safety Factor – B.G. Nenkova, E.N. Tomov

The important aspects of safety of an operating nuclear power plant addressed in a Periodic Safety Review (PSR) are termed ‘safety factors’. Fourteen safety factors are identified in the Safety Guide SSG-25, which may be used to subdivide the PSR. The review of safety factors should determine the status of each safety factor at the time of the PSR and should assess future safety at the nuclear power plant at least until the next PSR and, where appropriate, up to the end of planned operation. This should include a review of the capability of the operating organization to identify potential failures and either prevent them or mitigate their consequences before they could lead to a radiological incident.

The paper presents the methodology used at the last PSR carried out in Kozloduy NPP regarding Factor 12 – Human Factor. From the results obtained it can be determined whether the human factor aspects are managed in conformity with the referenced normative documents, whether the announced by the plant management policies regarding safe operation of the plant
are observed, and whether effective programs for human factor management are implemented. The purpose is to maintain high level of safety culture by all Kozloduy NPP staff and to take well-founded and feasible measures for improvement if necessary.

Keywords: safety, safety culture, safety factors, human factor.