Comparison of Innovative and Evolutionary NPPs in a Country-Specific Context for Bulgaria (Based on IAEA INPRO KIND – ET Methodology) – P.P. Groudev, N.N. Zaharieva, C.A. Margeanu, M. Constantin

A comparison of two hypothetical Nuclear Energy Systems (NES) has been performed:

  • NES-1 – GEN III/III + evolutionary design (LWR) and
  • NES-2 – GEN IV – so called innovative design: LFR technology /SFR technology

Two cases for GEN IV NES have been considered: NES-2 (at present time) and NES-3 (in 10–15 years); for example, ALFRED demonstrator is expected to be commissioned by 2030. The comparison was done by means of INPRO KIND-ET (Evaluation Template) using country specific conditions for Bulgaria (small nuclear technology user country).

The paper includes the Key indicators set developed in the framework of IAEA INPRO KIND Project and also a brief description of KIND – ET methodology. The results of the before mentioned Nuclear Energy Systems evaluation, according to considered Key Indicators, have been presented and discussed. Benefits and risks of possible new nuclear energy system
development in Bulgaria were addressed, using suggested judgment aggregation methodology based on the MAVT (Multi-Attribute Value Function) method.

Keywords: INPRO KIND Project, nuclear energy systems, key indicators set, multi-criteria comparative assessment, sustainable
development of nuclear energy.